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The Word From Knicks Practice

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The Knicks have a rare pair of weekend off days, and they seized the free time to get some practice in today. After the jump, you'll find some links regarding today's practice, injuries, and some special guests.

- Ian Begley:

Bill Walker will return to the court tomorrow against Chicago after missing. Has been out since Feb. 19 after undergoing elbow surgery.

Cool! That's good news and makes me look like a hyperbolic butt for fearing that we'd never see Bully in uniform ever again. I'm interested to see whether or not Walker actually gets minutes. Al Iannazzone also said Jared Jeffries "may" be available. We shall see!

- Iannazzone:

Tyson Chandler said he will not need surgery on his hand after season. But he said it's not fractured.

Okay, Carmelo? It's not fractured. It's NOT FRACTURED!

- J.R. Smith's little brother Chris (a Louisville Cardinal) showed up and worked out with the guyz!

- Also working out with the Knicks: Tracy Morgan! He guaranteed a Knicks championship, wore some Amar'e goggles, D'd up Carmelo Anthony, and apparently told Bill Walker that he plays like John Gianelli or something.

- Mike Woodson rerereiterated that the Knicks aren't looking to bring in another guard.

- the Chicago Bulls headquarters:

DRose went through whole practice, "is getting better" and is gametime vs. Knicks.

And that's what' sup. Now you may go back outside and do your skateblading or whatever it is that you kids do.