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The Knicks hired Larry Johnson.

Good morning, sensations. A bit of news before we turn our attention to this afternoon's game against the Bulls: The Knicks, who have an extensive track record of bringing back former players not named Patrick Ewing (or Qyntel Woods, for some reason), have hired Larry Johnson to be their new "basketball and business operations representative". That's an incredibly vague title, but here's what LJ will be doing:

In this new role, Johnson will work closely with the basketball operations department, focusing on player development; the community relations department, working to support the Garden of Dreams Foundation and on fan development; and the marketing and partnership departments, with involvement in numerous business initiatives.

Still pretty vague, but sounds good! LJ was probably elementary school Seth's favorite Knick, so it'll be cool to have him around the organization in a more official role than the "show up at a game now and then and get a big ovation" status he had previously. Welcome!