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Video: Carmelo Anthony Ties, Beats The Bulls With Ridiculous Threes

I'm working on a full recap now, but folks have been asking for video of Carmelo Anthony's two preposterous, balls-scraping-the-floor three-pointers to send the game into overtime, then win it in OT, so here you go.

Here, via @Jose3030, is Melo's pull-up to tie the game with 11 seconds left in regulation:

That one was off Derrick Rose missing both free throws, either of which probably would have won the game. We'll take it.

Melo wasn't done, though. Jump for more.

The Knicks got two offensive rebounds on game-tying/winning attempts, then found Melo up top for what would end up being the game-winner.

No movement, no strategy, just good, old-fashioned badassery when the Knicks desperately needed it. And you could make a decent case that he was fouled on both attempts.

I'll have a full recap up in a little bit. I might need to drink some water or something first.