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Monday Bavay's Geckos


Photo: Michael Glaß

Good afternevening, unicyclists. I heard you guys like the New York Knickerbockers of the National Basketsports Association, so I went around the internet purchasing links to share with you guys. Seriously, each of these links cost me 200 dollars, so y'all need to pay me back. Please.

Take the jump to look at the sportsbasket Knickslinks.

- I haven't been able to find much information about the Bavay's gecko, but I do know that it 1. Looks great. 2. Is a member of a genus of geckos that only lives on the island of New Caledonia. So, that's pretty neat.

- Our friend Jamie O'Grady interviewed Walt Frazier the other day. We like Walt Frazier.

- I feel like it's too early to guess at his possible time of return, but Jeremy Lin is walking and riding a bicycle, and hopes to start running at the end of the week.

- Some numbers and quotations regarding Iman Shumpert's, which was good defense.

- The Knicks are pretty good with Shumpert on the floor, probably thanks to the aforementioned good defense.

- Nice.

- Much has been made of Carmelo Anthony's play last night and what it MEANS. Too much, I think. My friends Andrew Sharp and Jim Cavan both wrote cool things about it, though.

- The qualities that make the Knicks alternately torturous and invigorating for us make them a desirable playoff participant for non-Knicks fans.

Them's the links! I should have some video up for y'all tonight. <3.