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P&T Video: Iman Shumpert Strips

Cool headline, right!? No, but really, it was hard to miss the frequency with which Iman Shumpert stripped Derrick Rose (and others) of the basketball during yesterday's win over the Bulls. His defense in general was exquisite-- the Bulls had 19 turnovers and after reviewing the video, I've determined that Shump was involved in at least half of them. He used his quick feet and long arms to jump lanes and force bad passes, he harassed bigger ball-handlers into dead-ball turnovers and bad shots, and, most of all, he stripped. Rose learned the hard way that you've got to protect the ball with your life or the Shumpert-toothed tiger will attack and rip it out of your hands in cold blood.

Here are just a few examples of the above. Shumpert was credited with four steals (all shown here), but, again, involved himself in many more defensive plays, including several others turnovers and some Chicago plays that just went awry. Thanks as always to for the video and to our friends at the SBN Studios for the editing/music/cheetah sounds.

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