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The offseason begins.


Good morning, friends. Welcome to day one of the 2012 offseason. It's vacation! Do you have your fruity drink? Well, what is that? A sneaker filled with chocolate syrup? I...guess that counts.

New York's basketball season has ended, but the Knicks won't be leaving the news anytime soon, and P&T definitely isn't going anywhere. Take the jump for a quick synopsis of what'll be going on with the Knicks and at P&T over the summer.

- The coaching search. The 2012-2013 Knicks are without a coach. Is Mike Woodson, as previously suggested, about to get an extension? Are the Knicks playing kneesie (like footsie, but weirder) under the table with Phil Jackson? Is there somebody else on the line?

- Free Agency. Just like last offseason, New York has a lot of expiring contracts, only this time they're contracts the Knicks intentionally signed, as opposed to flotsam washed up in a big trade, so there ought to be more interest in re-signing some of 'em. The following Knicks are no longer under contract with the team:

Mike Bibby

Baron Davis

Jared Jeffries

Steve Novak

J.R. Smith (player option)

Jeremy Lin (restricted Gilbert Arenas provision-y nonsense)

Landry Fields (ditto)

So, the Knicks need to figure out which of those guys they want and can afford to retain and all those guys need to figure out where they want to work next season. Both Novak and Smith had lovely things to say (Lin and Landry, too) about New York after the game last night, for whatever that's worth (and Smith twat this later on, for whatever THAT's worth). We've learned from experience that what a player says in May has little bearing on what he'll do once free agency actually rolls around (I'm still hurt, Shawne).

There are, of course, other free agents out there. Somebody roped Amar'e Stoudemire into uttering Steve Nash's name last night, so now we'll have to hear all about that.

- The 2012 NBA Draft is on June 28th. The Knicks won't have a first-round pick, but they will have a second-rounder (and, as always, the potential to make a trade or buy into the first round). We'll start sniffing around for appealing second-round prospects (and hopefully get some analysis from our resident draft expert, viva_morrison) once the season is over.

- Iman Shumpert's rehabilitation. We'll keep as close tabs as we can on the Reshumpification. Obviously, if Lin sticks around (or Baron, for that matter), we'll keep track of that rehab as well.

- Eating, sleeping, breathing, bathing, etc. This ain't your grandpa's offseason. This is 2012. Knicks fans are expected to take care of themselves and engage in basic hygiene throughout the summer.

- Summer League. The Knicks usually participate in NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, which runs from July 13th to 22nd this year. I almost definitely won't make it out to Vegas this time, but we'll cover any summer competition that includes members of the Knicks.

- The 'lympics. They got 'lympics, Coach! Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler should both be headed to London this summer to compete with the USA Men's Basketball Team. (Jared Jeffries will compete in dressage). We'll keep a casual eye on the Olympic competition, and-- if you guys are into it-- will have threads and stuff up for the basketball games, and perhaps some other Olympic events (I would have no reservations about P&T adopting a pentathlete or a doubles badminton team or something as our own). Opening ceremonies are on July 27th.

- The usual nonsense. We've had t-shirt contests, Knicks fiction contests, countdowns of the best scrubs, and all other sorts of stupidity in the past. There will be more stupidity.

- And then, of course, there's training camp, preseason, and then they start playing basketball again!

The offseason's fun and relaxing and only occasionally insufferable! I hope you stick with the Knicks and keep hanging around P&T throughout the summer. I'LL FUCKIN' KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T. I'm just kidding. That's not a gun, anyway. It's just a picture of a gun.