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Thursday African Fat-Tailed Geckos


Photo: Hexasoft

G'afternoon, dot hogs. Knicks season is over, but they all spoke to media today about, ya know...things. I've got like 90 tabs open, so please allow me to dump all these links on you so I can close 'em. Jump!

- He's not green, but that fat-tailed gecko bears a strong facial resemblance to the Geico gecko, doesn't he? Got a fat-ass tail, too.

- Now, a bunch of tweets. Ian Begley:

Mike Woodson says Amare Stoudemire's got to improve defensively, along with his teammates. Also wants him to improve in the post.

- Amar'e's response:

Amare on Woodson asking him to work on post game. 'It's actually great, I've never had a coach that asked me to work on my low post game.'

- Begley again:

Mike Woodson says hiring an offensive-minded assistant is not a priority. 'I like to think that Im at least a decent offensive coach.'

(More on that last one via Marc Berman)

- Two remarks from Woodson regarding Jeremy Lin, via Howard Beck:

Woodson all but guaranteed that Knicks will re-sign Lin (restricted FA). "Will he back next year? Absolutely."

Woodson says "future’s very bright" for Jeremy Lin, but wouldn't commit to him as fulltime starter. "Will he start? Only time will tell."

- Some Carmelo Anthony things via Al Iannazzone:

Asked what he can improve on, Anthony replied, ''I can't really say right now.'' said he wants time to reflect and watch film.

- ...and Mark Hale:

Carmelo says he does not want to be involved in ' offseason moves/decisions but will share input if front office wants it

- ...and Berman:

Carmelo just spoke and said doesn't quite agree with Woodson he needed to come back in better shape. Feels in very good shape this season.

- Please mean what you say, Mr. Novak:

Novak: "There's no place I would rather be than here."

- Alan Hahn explains every free agent situation and the reason the Knicks won't be able to buy a first round pick this year (I suggested that earlier and was super wrong). That's really worth reading if you have any questions about New York's finances heading into the offseason.

- This from Sam Amick is also useful for figuring out the 'nances, particularly regarding how the effort to keep Lin might cost the Knicks Landry Fields and others.

- Tyson Chandler says he won't end up needing surgery on his hand, which wasn't/isn't actually fractured, I guess. Remember when that was a thing?

- Amar'e Stoudemire won't have surgery either.

- Baron Davis, meanwhile, did have surgery, and it went fine.

- Toney Douglas and Amar'e Stoudemire didn't do so hot from the right elbow this season.

- Amar'e clarified his Steve Nash flirtation a little bit, this time acknowledging the presence of Lin. Wise.

Yeap. Lots of people saying things. More later, perhaps, plus the usual evening playoff thread.