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Jeremy Lin won't play in Summer League.

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This report from Marc Berman is worth a read. It's got a nice list of available point guards who might fall within New York's price range (price range: $0 to $880 + quarter box of reduced fat Cheez-Its + DVD copy of Big Momma's House 2 that's scratched in such a way that you can only watch the special features) and some interesting words from Jeremy Lin and J.R. Smith (who Mike Woodson has compelled to practice his ball-handling, should they both be with the team next year). One noteworthy piece of information that got buried a bit-- perhaps because it was already known and I'm just late to hearing about it-- is a look at Lin's summer plans:

Lin said he still has a slew of areas to work on. He told The Post he will pass on playing in the Las Vegas Summer League but would accept an invitation to the Select Team practicing against Team USA during its Olympic training camp in Las Vegas.

More than anything, that's a bummer for the Summer League folks. Lin drew a legion of fans back when he was with the Mavericks in 2010, and I can only imagine the kind of attendance Knicks games would get if he was playing this year. Obviously, the Select Team stuff would be a great experience for him if it happens (the last Knick to participate in that was David Lee, I believe), but it would've been great to watch him lead the SummerKnicks. As things currently stand, I could see Jerome Jordan (another 2010 veteran) and Josh Harrellson manning the frontcourt, but with Lin out and Iman Shumpert hurt, the SummerKnicks will need some backcourt help. And yes, this matters. If you've only been around P&T for a little while, know that we follow the SummerKnicks as passionately-- if not more passionately-- as the regular Knicks. Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Morris Almond, Joe Crawford, Warren Carter, and Brian Greene are legends around these parts.

Anyway...the list of potentially available, cheap, veteran point guards might be more interesting to y'all than all my Summer League fervor, so feel free to discuss that as well. I'd personally be excited about bringing Raymond Felton back. He had an awful year in Portland (which might help diminish his perceived value or whatever), but I loved the guy when he was here, know he works well with Amar'e Stoudemire, and would love for him to have a chance to redeem himself in New York. I do worry that Felton'd be grumpy about the prospect of backing up Lin, though. (And this is why I try not to indulge fantasies of free agents and trades too much. I think too hard about them, then end up getting all upset about potential, imaginary conflicts.)