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Open Playoff Thread: 5/14/12

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Hi! Basketball! All the first round serieses are over, and now we're totally in the semifinals! By "we", I don't mean the Knicks! I just mean, like, the NBA! Cool! Here are the games and the blogs at which you can read about the teams playing in those games:

7:00: TNT: Philadelphia 76ers (Liberty Ballers) vs. Boston Celtics (Celtics Blog)- Game Two (Celtics lead 1-0)

7:08: (Not televised): I eat some soup. (Game Six: Soup leads 3-2)

9:30: TNT: Los Angeles Lakers (Silver Screen and Roll) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Welcome to Loud City)- Game One (Thunder lead 0-0)

Comment along here and at those blogs if you're watching any of those games. Please do not post links to illegal streams of any of those games. If you want to watch me eat soup, just come to my place and watch. It will not be televised because of an ongoing contractual stand-off.