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Iman Shumpert Won Rookie of the Year According to One Person!

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Kyrie Irving officially won Rookie of the Year today. He deserved it. Here, via The Sporting News, is the full voting for R of the Y:

Rookie, Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland 117 2 1 592

Ricky Rubio, Minnesota - 49 23 170

Kenneth Faried, Denver 1 30 34 129

Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio 1 9 15 47

Iman Shumpert, New York 1 7 7 33

Klay Thompson, Golden State - 5 15 30

Isaiah Thomas, Sacramento - 6 10 28

Brandon Knight, Detroit - 6 3 21

Chandler Parsons, Houston - 3 5 14

MarShon Brooks, New Jersey - 1 1 4

Kemba Walker, Charlotte - - 3 3

Josh Selby, Memphis - - 1

Somebody voted Shump for Rookie of the Year! I want to know who it was so, so badly. REVEAL YOURSELF, HERO! The basketball community at large will shun you for your impertinence, but we at P&T will happily give you asylum. Also, whoever gave a third-place vote to Josh Selby (the same person, perhaps? Wait, did Carmelo Anthony get a vote??) can come hang out as well. Must be a lovely individual. Oh, and shame on everybody for giving zero votes to Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan. Did you voters not watch the April 26th Knicks-Bobcats game?

Get better, Shump.