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What was the Knicks' best win of the year?

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It's a quiet day, so I figure now's a good time to have this talk. Oh, no! Not like a "talk". Just a fun little discussion. Relax. The Knicks won 36 games this season. I spent the last little while combing through the recaps and threads and determined that quite a few of those wins were easy/uninteresting or embarrassingly close ones over bad teams. A handful of them, though, were real keepers. Of those, which was the greatest?

Will Leitch made his Top Ten list a couple weeks ago. As I told him initially, I liked his choices, but disagreed with his pick for number one, the Valentine's Day win over the Raptors on Jeremy Lin's big-balled three. That, to me, was a great shot (following a great pick and coast-to-coast finish by Iman Shumpert) to close an otherwise uninspiring game for Lin and the Knicks. Jared Zwerling followed up with his top ten moments today, including a few games. His are in chronological order, though, and he didn't pick a favorite win.

Anyway, here (in chronological order) are the games I think might contend for Win of the Year. The links will take you to the recaps of those games, so you can go back and see how we were feeling (and the foolish, hopelessly wrong things we said) after each win.

12/25: Carmelo Anthony was cookin' soup to start the season and led the Knicks to a narrow opening day defeat of the Celtics. Iman Shumpert and Jared Jeffries got hurt, though.

1/11: This was one of the few games I missed this season (Osborn did the recap), but I understand this defensive win over the Sixers was a great one.

2/4: The original Jeremy Lin game. He locked down Deron Williams, went bananas off the dribble, and started the craziest two weeks ever.

2/7: Melo went down in the first quarter and we were all like "welp, there goes that", but then we got the Lin Game Part Deux (with help from Steve Novak and Jared Jeffries).

2/10: I think this might be my choice. This is the "Linsanity" win over the Lakers. After Kobe Bryant pretended he didn't know about Jer-bear, Jer-bear went and torched L.A. with drives to the basket and some of the best outside shooting we ever saw from him.

2/14: The aforementioned "Linsanity" Raptors game. It was part of that road trip in which the Knicks got two ugly, improbable wins (the other one over Minnesota) to keep the streak alive.

2/19: The "Linsanity" Mavs game. He tore apart a Dallas defense designed to stop him. This was also the game in which Steve Novak exploded in the second half.

2/29: The Knicks played like shit in the first half against the Cavaliers, but lost their damn minds in the second half and ended up blowing them out. This one included Novak cookin' soup and two of the best alley-oops of the season.

3/26: Right after Amar'e Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin went down, the Knicks had a crucial but hopeless-seeming match-up with the Bucks. It was hideous, but they got a huge win that gave them a huge boost toward reaching the playoffs. (I suppose you could argue that reaching the playoffs was a huge mistake, but...)

3/28: Tyson Chandler shut down Dwight Howard, Melo and Shump played terrifically, and the Knicks climbed above .500 for the first time in a while by just peeing on the Orlando Magic. At the time, this felt like the best win of the year, but that was right when the Magic started falling apart. Plus, the Knicks went and thumped them again a week later.

4/8: Melo was cookin' soup again and hit those huge threes in regulation and overtime (after the Bulls missed some crucial free throws) to give the Knicks the win over Derrick Rose and the Bulls in the first of a back-to-back (they'd go on to lose the second game sans Rose).

4/17: The Knicks hit all of the three-pointers and beat the Celtics by double digits. I was at that game and it felt gooooood.

5/6: The Knicks won a playoff game.

Oddly, nothing from the post-D'Antoni win streak really stands out to me (though I guess those back-to-back Indiana wins were pretty great). Am I missing anything? If not, which one was the best? Reminisce! Comment! Vote! Skip school!