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Open Playoff Thread: 5/17/12

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Evening, pugs! We've got a Game Three and a Game Two to watch tonight. I'll be watching as much as I can, and I hope you'll be watching along with me. Here's a schedule of the games to watch and the blogs at which you can read about them:

7:00: ESPN: Miami Heat (Peninsula Is Mightier) vs. Indiana Pacers (Indy Cornrows)- Game Three (Tied 1-1)

9:30: ESPN: Los Angeles Clippers (Clips Nation) vs. San Antonio Spurs (Pounding the Rock)- Game Two (Spurs lead 1-0)

Games. Cool. Also, if you're interested, I'll be on the WCWP Sportswire (as I am every week) at 6:30 tonight. I've been exchanging texts with the hosts this afternoon and we agree that there's very little to talk it should be a great one!

Anyway, comment here if you're watching the games, check out those blogs, and please don't post links to illegal streams or streams of illegal links.