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Iman Shumpert's knee surgery is today.

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Now that the Knicks are back in New York, it's time for Iman Shumpert to get his torn ACL and lateral meniscus repaired so he can right back to Shumping again as soon as possible. Ian Begley reported that Iman's surgery will take place today:

A source close to Iman Shumpert says that the rookie will undergo surgery to repair a torn left ACL and lateral meniscus. It is expected to take place in New York.

A source very close to Iman Shumpert-- inside his skin, in fact-- twat the following:

: 21 Shump St is under construction...a bigger layout with more room to park coming soon...

I didn't know that an ACL repair included additional parking (I didn't know knees had any parking to begin with. Is there something wrong with mine? I don't have a single legal spot.), but I'm glad Iman's in good spirits. Had himself a cigar last night, too.

Have a safe surgery, Iman, and a full but speedy but full but speedy but make sure it's full but still please be speedy recovery.