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Wednesday Sandfishes


Good afternoon, catwomen and catmen. Are y'all having pleasant days? Had any good beverages? Want to look at some links? Take the jump for some links. Beverages are BYO.

- Sandfishes are great because: 1. I keep typing "sandwiches" by accident". 2. They're skinks, not fishes! 3. The scientific name is Scincus scincus!

- Jeremy Lin played full-court 3-on-3 today (which, surgically repaired knee or not, is just exhausting). Here's a photo. He definitely won't play tomorrow, but I'm still nervous about where this is headed.

- Iman Shumpert's surgery went well.

- Some smart things by John Schuhmann and Zach Lowe about the Knicks and Amar'e Stoudemire and unpleasant stuff.

- If you don't know anything about Fuzzy Levane, the recently deceased former Knick (I didn't), check out these pieces by Brian Cronin and Dennis D'Agostino.

- Here's all the stuff Amar'e Stoudemire said to the media today about the fire extinguisher incident. I am very ready to stop hearing about this.

- An interesting breakdown of the type of racially-tinged Jeremy Lin nicknames that were thrown around back when everybody was throwing around Jeremy Lin nicknames.

- I quite like this psychological breakdown of the notion of fixed talent and the Knicks' (and a lot of NBA teams') tendency to solve problems by making massive changes.

- Jorts time? Jorts time!

- I'mma be on the radio here at 5:30 PM to talk about...seahorses, I guess?

Those are the links! More later, including a thread for the evening's games. <3