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Here is the lineup for the Knicks' first pre-draft workout.

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I mentioned in the links below that the Knicks' first pre-draft workout is tomorrow and will include Tu Holloway of Xavier. Well, now we've got the full lineup. Here, via Al Iannazzone, is the group coming in tomorrow:

Tu Holloway (6'0" PG, Xavier)

Scoop Jardine (6'2" G, Syracuse)

Khris Middleton (6'7" F, Texas A&M)

John Shurna (6'9" F, Northwestern)

Michael Eric (6'11" C, Temple)

Bernard James (6'10" C, Florida State)

Our friend viva_morrison is going to start profiling prospects very soon since I know nothing about college basketball players. Some things about these guys, though:

- All of them except Middleton are coming out as seniors and are 22+ years old. (Update: James is 27 and a serviceman.)

- This is John Shurna. Our resident Northwestern expert, Rodger Sherman, says he's probably not even second round material, but I want him in New York for obvious reasons.

- I have never heard of Michael Eric and Bernard James, but I assume they are promising players because they both have two first names. (Khris Middleton also has an edge for a woefully misspelled name. Scoop Jardine, meanwhile...)

- Holloway and James are the only two projected to get drafted by DX, for whatever that's worth.

Cool! I love pre-draft season and, in a way, it's more fun when the Knicks don't have a top pick. This'll be the first of very many workouts populated by all sorts of zany characters.