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Here are the guys working out for the Knicks on Thursday.

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The Knicks brought in their first group of six bros for pre-draft workouts today. Perhaps we'll hear more about how that went later. In the meantime, they've released the names of the six fellows coming in tomorrow. Here they are, via Alan Hahn:

Scott Machado (6'1" PG, Iona)

Miles Plumlee (6'11" C, Duke)

Oscar Bellfield (6'2" G, UNLV)

Darius Johnson-Odom (6'2" SG, Marquette)

Bradford Burgess (6'6" G/F, VCU)

Cameron Moore (6'10" F/C, UAB)

As usual, I don't have very much to say about these guys. I know a lot of y'all have expressed interest in Machado and I know I don't want any part of the Plumlee family, but that's about it. Beyond that, all I can offer is that this group includes a disproportionate number of names that sound like Civil War generals.

Lend your expertise in the comments, and look forward to our friend viva_morrison's forthcoming "Know the Prospect" series.