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Open Playoff Thread: 5/27/12

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Evening, everybody! We're officially down to the final four! The semi-finals tip off tonight with the first game in what should be a wonderful series between the top two seeds in the Western Conference, the Thunder and the Spurs. Here are the broadcast details, along with the blogs for each of the teams:

8:30: TNT: Oklahoma City Thunder (Welcome to Loud City) vs. San Antoni Spurs (Pounding the Rock)- Game One

I have nothing in particular against these Spurs besides envying their machine-like precision, but I'm definitely rooting for the Thunder from here on out. I like watching Oklahoma City better than I like watching San Antonio, and the Thunder also employ more players I like, including one of my favorite former Knicks, Mr. Nazr Mohammed. So yeah, I'll be rooting for OKC. You guys?

If you're watching the game, comment here, but please don't post any illegal streams or unpleasant things. I'll be here to watch with y'all around the second half. <3