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A Few Links on the Morning of Game Three


That was a pleasant, recuperative couple of days off. I think we needed that time to let the stink of those Miami games and all the extracurricular excitement dissipate a bit. Game day has returned, though, with the Knicks and Heat reconvening at Madison's Squaregarden for a third game this evening. I'm sure we'll have more throughout the day, but to begin, I have just a few links from overnight and this morning that you might like to peruse with your morning eggplant.

- There was some thought that Chris Bosh would miss tonight's game because his wife was in labor, but it sounds like the baby has been had and Bosh could be back well before game time if he pleases. Congratulations!

- A loss tonight would give the Knicks the longest playoff losing streak of anybody ever. Maybe that will motivate the Knicks, now that they've been told about it.

- This article from Fred Kerber of The Post has some words from members of the Heat. Here's a quick quotation from Udonis Haslem translated from English to Albanian to Urdu to Finnish to Hebrew back into English (some words get lost mid-way through the translation) for your convenience:

"We must take advantage of match ups found Melo 0.4 Guy played physically, but is still in a situation where we have a small size can help. Nhynkya lucky they dump on us, we will have a side shield, which is also ... We need to move forward, we have the depth to it, we saw, what we can do without Amar'e. That's it. As easy to do or see something, they can be their weapons are kept."

- And here are some words from the Knicks. They should be easy enough to understand without my assistance.

- Last we heard, Mike Woodson is still undecided about his starting small forward for Game Three (Carmelo Anthony being the four with Amar'e Stoudemire out). I'm sure we'll know after shootaround.

- If you're a non-season subscriber hoping to attend one of the Knicks' home games in this series, I hope you waited until after Games One and Two. Prices be droppin'.

- Here's this porpoise dancing to mariachi jamz.

That's all for now! Have pleasant, nutritious mornings.