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Jeremy Lin's return keeps moving further into the future.


Behind the scenes of New York's thus-far disastrous series against the Miami Heat, Jeremy Lin has been rehabilitating from knee surgery and-- bit by bit-- adding activities that increasingly resemble real basketball to his regimen. This has, at times, been spun into a storyline about a new playoff edition of "Linsanity", with Lin returning from injury to rescue the Knicks from the jaws of imminent demise. That's not seeming so likely anymore, though. Today's update from Marc Berman of The Post:

Asked about Game 5 next Wednesday in Miami if the Knicks, down 2-0, can extend the best-of-seven series, Lin said, "I don’t want to say I am or am not. Game 4 doesn’t look great. Game 5, I have no idea.

"I’ll see how quickly I can get to the point where I can trust it and not think about it and get my full explosiveness, cut and more importantly defensively being able to move laterally.’’

If you feel like I feel, this is good news. As I've said before, it's wonderful that Lin is feeling better, and the idea of him returning is enticing, but it's just doesn't seem worth it to me. Risking re-injury in a young point guard who is a key part of the franchise as currently composed so that you can indefinitely increase your paper-thin chances of coming back and winning a playoff series doesn't seem wise. It's been reassuring, if anything, to hear that Lin and the organization want there to be absolutely no doubt before they toss the kid back out there.

With luck, this will still be a question a week from now. In the meantime, Jeremy can keep testing and strengthening that knee and marvel at his fruit roll-up jersey.