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Wednesday Marbled Newts


Photo: Clara Cartier

Evening, squatters. I hope everybody is happy and safe and well-fed. Well, I hope you're well-fed but that you've also saved some room for Knicks links. I've just a few to share with y'all.

- The coloration of the marbled newt reminds me of this Goosebumps backpack I used to own. It was awesome. The whole outer surface of it was a velcro flap that opened like the cover of a book. Oh, and marbled newts have been shown to "orient using celestial cues". WORD?

- The read o' the day is this lengthy comparison of the respective market advantages of the Knicks and Lakers. In short, L.A.'s "big market" has done a lot more for them over the years. Luck and good management have helped, too.

- There are some articles and videos from yesterday's six-man workout. Adam Zagoria spoke to Yancy Gates, J'Covan Brown, and Wesley Witherspoon here...

- ...and here's a few video words from Gates. Meanwhile, I've heard nothing about another workout today, tomorrow, or anytime ever.

- With the Knicks destined to hand out a few veteran's minimum contracts this summer, Tommy Dee is thinking about D-League guards who can shoot, and our buddy Scott Schroeder provided him/us with a few names.

- Landry Fields, tiny Oakland Athletic.

- Iman Shumpert, prospective home buyer on tiny crutches.

- Mike Woodson, svelte basketball player.

Those were some things! There'll be a thread up for the draft lottery and tonight's game in the near future. <3