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Open Playoff/Lottery Thread: 5/30/12

Getty Images for NASCAR

Hello everybody! We've got a particularly interesting night of basketball things ahead of us. The usual playoff basketball game between some basketball teams will be preceded by the NBA Draft Lottery, an event in which the Knicks wouldn't have participated even if they sucked this past season. It'll be exciting to see who gets what pick, anyway, and especially the first pick because of Antonio Davis or whatever. The lottery is in New York and will be televised at 8:00 on ESPN. After that, there will be basketball:

8:30: ESPN- Boston Celtics (Celtics Blog) vs. Miami Heat (Peninsula Is Mightier)- Game Two (Head lead 1-0)

That'll be cool, too, though not nearly as cool as a bunch of weirdos fretting over ping-pong balls. If you're watching tonight's events, comment along here and check out the blogs above. If not, then you owe Posting and Toasting a penalty of $3. You can just deposit the bills directly into the disc drive of your computer. Thanks. Oh, and no illegal streams. You know that.