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Pre-Game Four Links 'n' Things


Good morning, child stars! Today begins the Most Improbable Legendary Playoff Comeback of All Time. To get you appropriately prepared and jazzed for the MILPCAT, I've assembled a few links after the jump.

- This'll get you proper aMpEd. The most excellent Brian Cronin of Knickerblogger wrote a post about the last time the Knicks were down 3-0 in a playoff series and went on to force a Game 1951.

- Amar'e Stoudemire is still a game-time decision for this afternoon. Mike Woodson hopes the fans at the Garden don't boo him for his transgressions (I guess they won't get the opportunity unless he plays), and I hope so, too. I reckon some people will, though.

- Carmelo Anthony mostly doesn't regret his decision to join the Knicks! Excellent!

- Here's Melo and Tyson Chandler and Mike Woodson speaking about Game Four and the unseemly prospect of getting swept.

- Last we heard, it sounded like Woodson would go with Steve Novak off the bench from here on out, since he's been rendered all but useless thus far and the Knicks have been starting games slowly.

- The Post actually went and took a census of all the fire extinguishers at Madison Square Garden. SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT.

- This post includes an excellent photo (that I'd never seen) of a precocious Danilo Gallinari and the late Adam Yauch. I hope and expect that the Knicks will pay tribute to MCA during today's game.



That's all for now! Might add more/post again before game time. How's everybody feeling?