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Baron Davis tore most of his knee.


Oy. There was no doubt when Baron Davis went down with a misstep and came up with a concave kneecap that he'd need quite a bit of time to recover. The injury was originally labeled a dislocated patella, but the results of an MRI reveal that it was much, much more than that. Howard Beck just twat:

Baron Davis' knee injury much worse than thought: partial tear of patella tendon, complete tears of ACL and MCL. 12 month recovery

Good lord. Baron will have surgery in the next few days. I just hope that-- if it pleases him-- he'll be able to play basketball again. If not, then P&T wishes Baron the best of luck in whatever other endeavor he chooses to pursue. Thankfully, you needn't worry about Baron having any trouble occupying himself after basketball.

Our relationship wasn't always great, Baron, but we appreciate your decision to help the Knicks, your return from injury and willingness to play any role the Knicks asked of you, and the handful of great moments you gave us (and, as general basketball fans, all of the amazing stuff that came before). Get well, Mr. Dizzle.