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Open Playoff Thread: 5/7/12


Evening, gourds! How are we? How are the kids? You don't have kids? Well, if you did have kids, how would they be? Gooey? That's a pretty weird answer. Um...anyway, there is basketball of the non-Knicks variety to be watched this evening. Here are the games and the blogs at which you can find people who care a lot about those games:

8:00: TNT: San Antonio Spurs (Pounding the Rock) vs. Utah Jazz (SLC Dunk) (Spurs lead series 3-0)

10:30: TNT: Memphis Grizzlies (Straight Outta Vancouver) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (Clips Nation) (Clippers lead series 2-1)

Pretty good games! I'll be rooting for the Jazz to match New York's accomplishment and send their series back to San Antonio, and I'll also be rooting for the Grizzlies to pull even with the Clips. If you're watching, comment along here, check out those blogs, and please refrain from posting illegal streams. Photos and .gifs are okay, if you like.

I hope to have a video post up later on, so our Knicks content might not be quite finished for the evening.