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P&T Video: The Knicks mix up the pick-and-roll to get Amar'e Stoudemire involved.

Evening, pals! Sorry this is late, but here's a little video breakdown of the ways the Knicks got Amar'e Stoudemire the ball last night. Mike Woodson went to plenty of pick-and-roll sets. Since the Heat are terrifying ball-trappers and do a terrific job of cutting off the primary passing lane, New York had to be a bit creative and make extra passes and moves and stuff to create more passable angles of entry. This was crucial, since Amar'e's mummified left hand made it so he couldn't cover much ground with the ball in his hands. The Knicks needed to find ways to get him the rock in position to score immediately, and they did a pretty good job of that.

As always, thanks to and our dear friends at the SB Nation Studios for helping produce this video. And, as always, please forgive me for my the way and look and talk and all that.