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Woodson: Jeremy Lin is out for the series.

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Perhaps there will be more to share later following the Knicks' practice today (they're headed to Miami this afternoon), but for now, this is the big takeaway. Via Howard Beck, don't expect to see Jeremy Lin on Wednesday or at any point in this series against the Heat:

Woodson says no Lin, even if series goes 7 games. "He's not ready."

Al Iannazzone:

Doctors and Lin not comfortable with health of the knee.

Fine. There's been some disagreement among fans about whether or not the Knicks should push Jeremy Lin to participate in Game Five or thereafter, but I think we can all agree that if Lin and some doctors and Woodson don't think the knee is totally ready, then it would be an awful idea to make him play basketball, let alone playoff basketball against the Heat. Alas, the MILPCAT will have to go down without any Linsanity. We'll see Jeremy in the second round.