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Tuesday Spiny Softshell Turtles

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Photo: Kim Pardi

Good evening, sports drinks! How are your organs? Heart good? Spleen doing okay? Liver? I hope they're all squeaky clean and functioning with maximal efficiency. You know what might help everything-- especially that small intestine-- run smoothly? Some links. Knicks links. That's right. Go ahead, take the jump and give 'em a try.

- The shells may be soft, but they got SPINES Y'ALL.

- I may have linked this already, but our old friend Dan Grunfeld wrote something about the experience of tearing an ACL. It's awfully relevant to recent Knicks events.

- On that note, here's Iman Shumpert discussing his injury and instilling confidence as only Shump can.

- Our other friend Jim Cavan (we have two friends: Dan Grunfeld and Jim) wrote a very nice post about what Mike Bibby has to offer as New York's new! Starting! Point guard! Yeah Mike! Go Knicks!

- Of all the links, this is the best link.

- John Schuhmann went and broke down Carmelo Anthony's performance against each Heat defender he's faced during this series.

- Clyde on his sartorial advantage over Craig Sager: "I bet he doesn't wear reptiles like I do". Is it bad that I bristle and get annoyed when I hear people ask Clyde questions about his clothes? I might be a Walt Frazier hipster. Not cool, me.

- When asked, Mike Woodson denied the reports about him already being on his way to an extension. That seems to me like the obvious thing to do, but take it however you please.

- Will Leitch points out that, if you want to see a Knicks-Heat game, it might just be cheaper to ship your ass down to Miami real quick.

- Jared Jeffries yukkin' it up with Dr. Oz at the Rangers game last night! Huge tip of the hat to Joe DeLessio for that one.

- Our friend netw3rk (a third friend appears!) defends the right of Knicks fans to infest the internet.

- Two great Baron Davis pieces. (Pieces about him, not of him.)

- Jon of the Knicks Fanblog smartly articulates (smarticulates) the appeal of the continuity aspect of the potential Woodson extension.

- This week's Knicks Power Rankings.

Cool beans! I'll have an open playoff thread up soon. <3 (I hope your heart is feeling well.)