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Open Playoff Thread: 5/8/12


Heeeeey guys. Who's watching the non-Knicks games with me tonight? Not you? Okay, nevermind. Well, it's ELIMINATION TUESDAY. ELIMINATION TUESDAY means that all four games tonight are part of series in which one of the teams is leading 3-1. Note that there is no ELIMINATION WEDNESDAY because nobody is getting eliminated on Wednesday, except for maybe the Heat because the Knicks beat them so badly that they give up and bring the MILPCAT to a surprisingly speedy conclusion.

Anyway, tonight's games and the blogs where you can read about 'em:

7:00: NBA TV: Orlando Magic (Orlando Pinstriped Post) vs. Indiana Pacers (Indy Cornrows)

8:00: TNT: Boston Celtics (Celtics Blog) vs. Atlanta Hawks (Peachtree Hoops)

9:30: NBA TV: Philadelphia 76ers (Liberty Ballers) vs. Chicago Bulls (Blog a Bull)

10:30: TNT: Denver Nuggets (Denver Stiffs) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Silver Screen and Roll)

Cool! Watch the games, read the blogs, comment here or there, don't post illegal streams, and be very nice to each other. Only those last two things are commands. The rest are suggestions.