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Game Five Thread: Knicks at Heat- 5/9/12

Evening, footstools! It is time for another game-- a fifth game-- in the Knicks' playoff series against the Miami Heat. Tonight's stakes are clear-cut: Lose, and the Knicks will be eliminated from the postseason, thus beginning the offseason. Win, and they'll continue right along on their Most Improbable Legendary Playoff Comeback of All Time (MILPCAT). Obviously, they're going to do the latter. Here are some pre-game tweets from some reporter-type people.

Ian Begley:

Woodson says Toney Douglas will play tonight for the first time this series. Says he hopes he's ready.

Marc Berman:

Stoudemire said he'd accept nickname "The Extinguisher". Putting out Miami's fire.

Tina Cervasio:

In other news, Amar'e took his braids out.

Items one and three only add to the MI-ness of the MILPCAT, which is good.

Tonight's game is at 7, and will be televised on both TNT and MSG. Comment here if you're watching, check out Peninsula Is Mightier, and please don't post photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or scans of taco meat in the thread.