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DraftExpress interviews some potential Knicks picks.

One of my favorite parts of the pre-draft period each year is when Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress interviews everybody. As someone who hardly follows college ball, it's a nice opportunity to supplement Ross's "Know the Prospect" posts, other written reports, and highlight videos with some more intimate footage of what these bros are really like.

Interviews with projected second-rounders are particularly interesting. Guys who are confident in their draft status tend to fall on the dry side (with exceptions), while the more uncertain players with more to lose/prove are more likely to exploit the attention and actually reveal something about themselves. The results vary from guys playing up their team-friendly attitudes and willingness to accept a small role to other guys practically snatching the mic and shouting "I AM THE BEST I WILL PROVE THAT I AM THE BEST WHY DOES NOBODY UNDERSTAND THAT I AM THE BEST." There's something to be said for each approach (and everything in between), and it's something that can't quite be appraised in your average YouTube reel.

Anyway, Givony went out of his way to get a few minutes with every prospect available at these combine things, then was kind enough to organize them in projected draft order. After the jump, I've embedded interviews with a few of the guys projected in the second round who've worked out for the Knicks, been profiled by Ross, or otherwise been discussed around P&T.

Darius Johnson-Odom (who I will call "Meanface" if he becomes a Knick):

Robbie Hummel:

Miles Plumlee:

Scott Machado:

Jae Crowder:

Bernard James:

Those are just a few. If you find more recent interviews (DX or otherwise) with potential 48th picks, feel free to share 'em in the comments.