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Finals Game One Thread: Heat at Thunder- 6/12/12

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Evening, imps. It's finally here! The NBA Finals begin tonight! It'll be Game One at 9 PM on ABC. It's the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Blogs you might visit to read about those teams are Peninsula Is Mightier and Welcome To Loud City, respectively. They are very good blogs for very good teams.

I'm excited, y'all. I like the Thunder far more than I like the Heat, but as I've said before, my LeBron-ward spite and schadenfreude has dissipated considerably since the summer of 2010, and I find myself hoping for him to defy the hAtErZ and finish the job once again, just like I did when he was in Cleveland. It might have to do less with him than it does with the way people talk about him, but I'm back to rooting for LeBron James. It feels weird, and I suspect it's not something a lot of you share (and understandably so). Oh well. I couldn't care less about the rest of the Heat, though (well, besides Ronny), and I love this Thunder team, so I suppose I'll take some joy in either outcome. I won't really know who I'm rooting for until the game's close and I'm wishing for one outcome or the other.

That said...