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Video: Jeremy Lin participated in a televised scavenger hunt last night.

Prior to Game One of the Finals last night, Jimmy Kimmel had Jeremy Lin and Roy Hibbert on his show via Skype to participate in a little scavenger hunt in each of their own homes. If you missed it (I only caught the end), here's video of the segment:

That was actually pretty entertaining, no? It's a clever idea, and it's been a while since we've seen Jeremy do anything on TV besides sit gloomily on a bench in a suit. It's nice to see him in good spirits and on his feet and, indeed, he did look pretty agile navigating his apartment on that rehabilitated knee.

Hibbert's fancy-ass French bulldog, Nala (who couldn't look less like the real Nala), won him the battle and was the undisputed star of the show, though Jeremy certainly could've outdone him if he had his PRICELESS PERSONALIZED FRUIT ROLL-UP BASKETBALL JERSEY on hand. Good times.