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Jared Jeffries wants to stay a Knick.

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While we wait the hours/days/weeks needed for Kenneth W. Dam to determine the course of the Knicks' offseason, at least one free agent, Jared Jeffries, seems to have uncomplicated plans for the summer. From ESPN's Jared Zwerling:

On Thursday, he's leaving for a nine-day fishing trip off the coast of Port Vila in the South Pacific, but when he returns, he wants to focus on re-signing with the Knicks. Speaking of fishing, Jeffries' favorite pastime, he's planning a deep-sea trip with Jeremy Lin, who recently caught a marlin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in late July when the point guard finishes playing with the USA Men's Select Team in Las Vegas.

1. That's a lot of fishes, Jeffries, and Zwerling says he's got more, crazier stuff to reveal from that interview about Jeffries's "fishing adventures" in the next few days. Just a couple o' Jareds talkin' 'bout fishin'.

2. As Chairman Meow mentioned in the comments of this Fanshot, it's always seemed like Jeffries's loyalty was more to Mike D'Antoni than it was to the Knicks. That said, this interview really makes him seeem like a sure thing to return. I suppose some other team might be willing to pay more than the veteran's minimum for a 31 year-old recovering from a chronic knee injury,, I don't really suppose that. It sounds very much like Jeffries will be back, and I'm pleased with that. He's a great guy to have around and, if he can get that knee to behave, should be well worth his contract as a utility big man/help defender/charge taker/general nuisance.

3. THAT said, if the knee isn't getting sturdier, it's probably worth shoppin' around a bit before reeling in Jeffries, though it's not like Jared's return would come at the expense of some other minimum contract player. New York'll probably have plenty of those deals to go around.

So, cool. Get healthy, get some fishes, and get yourself back to New York, Jared.