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Friday Collared Iguanas


Photo: JialiangGao

G'day, friends! I've gotta drive somewhere and am being badgered to get going, so let's quickly run through links I've found over the last day or two! To the post-jump!

- Collared iguanas are from Madagascar! They kinda look like they can't make up their minds about what color they want to be!

- Remember when that Mirza Teletovic guy was considering the Knicks? Not so much. Unsurprising.

- Via our own freddy, Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin are expected to show up at this Pro-Am league in San Francisco at some point this summer (hopefully at the same time).

- Via our own WSD, here's that video of Clyde with a bunch of salukis that MSG teased during the season (which is itself a teaser for that back-in-the-day special about Clyde airing later this month). there was a big promotional event of some sort for this yesterday, as well.

- And here's a li'l GQ interview with Clyde. Did you know he likes clothes?

- Remember when Cuttino Mobley was suing the Knicks for discrimination over his heart condition? That didn't really pan out for him. We could still use at the two, Cuttino.

- Awww, Iman.

- Another reminder: I'm judging an amateur dunk contest-- the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown-- tomorrow at South Street Seaport (Pier 16 & 17) at 4 PM. I'm starting to worry that I was secretly enlisted to be the ball, not a judge.

- As of yesterday, I'm gonna be in Vegas from July 18 to 22, so I'll be able to cover the final two games of the Knicks' five-game Summer League schedule in person.

That is all for now! If there are updates to be updated, I'll have 'em for y'all this afternoon.