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Here's who the Knicks are working out on Tuesday.

Drew Gordon. (Credit: Steve Dykes-US PRESSWIRE)
Drew Gordon. (Credit: Steve Dykes-US PRESSWIRE)

It's been a little while since the Knicks brought in six bros for a pre-draft workout. We heard that the Tunisian big man, Salah Mejri, was coming in yesterday, but I haven't found anything about that since and thus cannot confirm that it actually happened. I hope it did. Anyway, the first normal, six-man workout in two weeks is reportedly scheduled for tomorrow. Here, via Jared Zwerling (plus some research on vitals at DraftExpress), is who's participating:

Larry Anderson- 6'5" G, Long Beach State

Mike Glover- 6'5" PF, Iona

Drew Gordon- 6'9" PF, New Mexico

Adam Sollazzo- 6'6" G, East Tennessee State

Jordan Taylor- 6'2" PG, Wisconsin

Casper Ware, 5'10" PG, Long Beach State

All six are seniors. Ware (a speedy little guard with all sorts of skills and a great name) and Gordon (the only one of these six listed in DX's mock draft, for what it's worth, though they project him to go much earlier in the second round, for what that's worth) are the only two of these guys I've ever knowingly watched play for more than a few seconds, so I will be typically unhelpful about this batch of prospects. Anybody know any other things about any of these people? I assume those of you who've watched Scott Machado must also know some things about Glover, and some of y'all have probably seen Taylor play as well.

Ten days 'til draft day, y'all.

Update: I'm stupid. One of our own wrote a whole post about Taylor!