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Open Playoff Thread: 6/2/12

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Evenin', steaks. I feel like they've played enough extra games of basketball at this point to pick a top team, but I guess not. They're playing ANOTHER game tonight in Oklahoma City. As far as other stuff goes, well, the Mets are finishing up as I write this, and the Yankees start in just a few minutes. Failure to Launch is on at 9 as well. There's pretty much no reason to go outside tonight. Here are the details:

8:30: TNT- San Antonio Spurs (Pounding the Rock) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Welcome to Loud City)- Game Four (Spurs lead 2-1)

9:00: TBS- Failure to Launch- Game Four (Sarah Jessica Parker leads 2-1)

I'll be rooting for both Oklahoma City and McConaughey to even their series tonight. Whatever you're doing, comment here, check out the blogs above, and have a lovely evening. Please don't post illegal streams or any other unpleasantness. <3.