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Video: Tyson Chandler did a Skype Scavenger Hunt, too.

Hey, remember last week when Jeremy Lin joined Roy Hibbert for a Jimmy Kimmel-hosted Skype Scavenger Hunt? You don't? Wow. It was literally one week ago. You must have had a busy week and/or an alien encounter. Here's video of of it, though, to jog your memory. Jimmy Kimmel is apparently quite fond of including Knicks in his games, because he brought another one in for last night's pre-Game Four show. This time around, it was Tyson Chandler going up against Rajon Rondo. I think pitting Lin against Rondo and Chandler against Hibbert would have been a fairer and more telling set of match-ups (Which center is nimbler? Which point guard makes quicker decisions?), but this contest ended up being almost as entertaining as the last one:

So, to recap, Rondo's Wes Moore book beat out Tyson's Jerry West biography, Tyson's flying pig (which I'm certain wasn't even in the top ten most embarrassing things in his home. We just found out that he loves to wear capes.) won over Rondo's weird rotary phone, and Tyson's array of makeshift wigs tied Rondo's shower cap, leading to an overall tie. That was fun. Now give us Jerome Jordan (who lives in a "submarine inflatable party capsule") versus Ryan Hollins or something. Let's really dig deep with this.