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Howard Beck is leaving the Knicks beat.

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Well, this sucks. When Alan Hahn left the beat to join MSG a little while back, we lost what I considered to be the best guy covering the Knicks (Hahn's work is still great. It's just a different kind of work). Today, we're learning via NetsDaily that Howard Beck of the Times will switch to the much more convenient Nets beat, and we're losing what I consider to be the best guy covering the Knicks. By a loooooong shot. The remaining group isn't totally lacking in reliability and readability, but it's still pretty grim in comparison.

Beck's a savvy, trustworthy writer whose work I couldn't admire more, and he's always been kind to this lowly blogger. Thanks to Howard for all of the above, and best wishes on the Nets beat. I hope you cover a losing team, but I'm sure you'll do it with grace and good humor.

I haven't seen anything about who will assume the Knicks beat for the Times, but I'm confident they'll pick someone good. Still a bummer.

Update: The new Knicks beat guy for the Times is Nate Taylor.