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It's Draft Day! [Updated at 12:22 PM]


Hooray! I'm makin' this post/thread here to recap all the pre-draft coverage we've had on the site, check in around the web to see who the Knicks have taking 48th, and invite any pre-draft updates, predictions, and opinions. There'll be a new thread up later for the draft itself. For now...

1. Here's a look back at all the workouts the Knicks did with draft-eligible players. This might not cover everything, because they probably did some stuff quietly and might be doing stuff as we speak, but this covers all the announced group workouts:

5/23: Tu Holloway, Scoop Jardine, Khris Middleton, John Shurna, Michael Eric, Bernard James

5/24: Scott Machado, Miles Plumlee, Oscar Bellfield, Darius Johnson-Odom, Bradford Burgess, Cameron Moore

5/29: Dee Bost, J'Covan Brown, Yancy Gates, Troy Gillenwater, Robert Sacre, Wesley Witherspoon

6/4: JaMychal Green, Robbie Hummel, Quincy Roberts, Chris Smith, Jordan Theodore, Alex Young

6/19: Larry Anderson, Mike Glover, Drew Gordon, Adam Sollazzo, Jordan Taylor, Casper Ware

6/21: Quincy Acy, Kim English, Chris Johnson, Greg Mangano, Tony Mitchell, Hollis Thompson

6/25: Erving Walker, Oscar Bellfield (second visit?), Marcus Denmon, Harouna Mutombo

I believe that's everybody.

2. Here are all of Ross's "Know the Prospect" profiles:

Mitchell Watt

Jae Crowder

Darius Johnson-Odom

Kim English

Scott Machado

Tu Holloway

3. Mockmongling! Here's who the mock drafts (that do both rounds) have the Knicks taking with the 48th pick. This late in the draft, mocks are minimally predictive, but whatever. Still fun:

DX: Khris Middleton Justin Hamilton

Chad Ford: Jae Crowder (at least according to Will. I can't read that. Also, it doesn't seem likely that Crowder will drop that far, but whatever.)

The Hoops Report: Dee Bost

Jeff Goodman: Bernard James

4. Marc Berman lists Darius Johnson-Odom, Hollis Thompson, Kevin Murphy, and Khris Middleton as guys to watch with respect to the Knicks. We shall see.

Cool. Personally, I'm most intrigued at this point by Crowder, English, and Johnson-Odom, the last of whom I've already taken to calling "Meanface". I like him. I like all of 'em. That all might just be because I know about these guys from Ross's profiles, though. I think I'll be happiest if they snaggle a guard who can shoot, but I'm probably gonna be happy no matter what. Yeap. I'll update throughout the day if there are any rumors relevant to the Knicks. I doubt that there will be, but one never knows...

Update: Forgot to include this Al Iannazzone link, which is the only I've seen that acknowledges the possibility of the Knicks trying to acquire an earlier pick (for Kostas Papanikolaou, he suggests).

Update: Alan Hahn clarifies something we were wondering about a few days ago (and about which I relayed slightly incorrect information). The Knicks can trade for-- not "buy"-- a first round pick using some of their smaller contracts, but Dan Gadzuric can not be included in such a trade because he was signed so recently. Landry Fields, of course, can't be traded either because he's a restricted free agent. Basically, the Knicks probably aren't trading for any first-rounders tonight.