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Some Kostas Papanikolaou Highlights

Hey, ya know, I was supposed to do this sponsored Samsung post, and the theme is supposed to be "favorite sports highlight", and all I've been watching today are highlights of Knicks draft pick of Kostas Papanikolaou, so...why not? Take the jump for a few videos!

Here are two shorties highlighting Papa's offense and defense during the Euroleague Final Four:

Here are highlights of his battle against Andrei Kirilenko in the Euroleague final:

And if you didn't click my link before, here's a very dramatic mix somebody made. YEAHHHH

In closing, here's Papanikolaou's official statement about being picked (translated from Greek):

"I watched the whole procedure through the internet. My situation being picked in draft opens up a new window of opportunity for my career if I decide to chase it and go after the opportunity. The New York Knicks are a team I like but for the time being I am under contract with Olympiakos and am totally focused on the games I have in front of me with the national team and our effort to qualify for the Olympic Games in London.’’

Chase that opportunity, Kostas! Chase it!