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This is the Knicks' Summer League roster so far.


This is sort of a dumb, pointless exercise, since we'll probably get a nice, clean list of New York's full roster for the Las Vegas Summer League next week. I live for dumb, pointless exercises, though, so here, with the help of Alex Kennedy and Adam Zagoria, is who we know to be playing for the Knicks next month in Vegas:

Josh Harrellson

Jerome Jordan

Toney Douglas

Chris Smith

Chris Copeland

1. I know that's not much and not anything new since yesterday's Fanshot (though I don't know if people saw my updates to that Fanshot), but I will update this post throughout the day/weekend if I see more. If any of y'all see anything, feel free to let us know. More after the jump.

2. From what I've read, Toney was not asked to be on the Summer League team, but offered to participate himself. I think it'll be great for Toney to get back in the rhythm of playing regular five-on-five, and I think it was a wonderful gesture for him to volunteer. DWTDD, Toney.

3. This is how Jerome and Jorts have been spending time recently, which makes me very happy.

4. Iman Shumpert obviously won't play. This is what he's been up to.

5. Smith is J.R.'s younger brother, who is 24 and just graduated from Louisville. He worked out for New York a few weeks back.

6. Copeland is a 28 year-old power forward who's from New Jersey, went to Colorado, played in the D-League for a bit, and has been wrecking shit in Belgium of late. He looks like a fun bro.

7. Scott Machado is probably headed elsewhere. Drew Gordon will play with the Mavericks. Just namin' a few.

So, that's all we know for now. I'll update this as needed. <3