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Today's Knicks workouts include JaMychal Green and J.R. Smith's brother.


Hey, great! There was a bit of a lull in Knicks pre-draft workouts, but it looks like they're back at it today, bringing another group of six to run around and do somersaults and stuff. Here, via Al Iannazzone, is today's sextet:

JaMychal Green- 6'8" PF, Alabama

Robbie Hummel- 6'8" F, Purdue

Quincy Roberts- 6'5" G, Grambling State

Chris Smith- 6'2" G, Louisville

Jordan Theodore- 6'0" G, Seton Hall

Alex Young- 6'6" SF, IUPUI

The non-expert rundown on this group:

- Chris Smith is J.R. Smith's little brother. The prospect of an all-Smith backcourt (he could most likely be signed undrafted, by the way) is either terrifyingly intriguing or intriguingly terrifying, I can't decide. Nice gesture to bring in the younger Smith for a look, I guess?

- Green and Hummel are this group's two "guys I've heard of because they've both played at big schools for the last decade or so". Green is the only one of these six included in DraftExpress's mock draft (at 44).

- Jordan Theodore?

- Do people at IUPUI pronounce it "yoo-pwee"? I've always wondered this. I would (pronounce it that way) (and wonder that).

Cool. Have a good workout, guys!