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Open Playoff Thread: 6/4/12

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Evenin', friends. We're back for another night of playoff action. We have another installment of the Western Conference Finals in our midst, but strangely no Failure to Launch to speak of. I checked, and there are no showings at all tonight. I have no idea why not. Maybe it was a best of five thing? In that case, McConaughey won 3-2. Still not sure about that one, though. Meanwhile, here's the timing and information for the stuff that is definitely happening tonight:

9:00: TNT- Oklahoma City Thunder (Welcome to Loud City) vs. San Antonio Spurs (Pounding the Rock)- Series tied 2-2

While I, much to my chagrin, found myself rooting for Dwyane Wade's game-winner to drop last night, I'm pleased that both series have reached a tie. More basketball with more at stake is always good.

Anyway, if you're watching the game or have located a showing or copy of Failure to Launch, comment here. Please don't post illegal streams of either. Enjoy!