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Reports: The Knicks are one of the teams interested in Mirza Teletovic.

Hey, so here's a thing. Tommy Dee found a report from suggesting that the Knicks, along with the Nets, Cavaliers, and Suns, have taken interest in Mirza Teletovic, a 6'9", 26 year-old Bosnian forward who went undrafted in 2007 and has been playing for Caja Laboral in Spain since 2006. Teletovic apparently has two years left on his contract, but is working toward reaching a buyout with the Spanish club (Update: This Spanish thing says the paperwork has already been signed and he is, indeed, NBA-bound). This French report suggests that the Nets are the only club to have actually made meaningful contact with Teletovic, which sounds about right.

You can learn more about Teletovic from Draft Express and by watching some highlights for kids. From the look and sound of things, he's a big, outside-in forward with a lovely jumper and decent feet off the dribble, but not much to offer on defense or on the backboards. He's also from Mostar, which is a city I visited last summer (and which got reduced to rubble when he was a little kid), so that's cool. Oh, and his first name kinda sounds like that of a popular bacterium, so that's cool, too.

For me, this isn't so much about Teletovic. It's entirely possible that Teletovic's people have caught onto the practice of exaggerating courtship from the Knicks to drive up interest elsewhere (although this time around, I'm sure other teams know full well that New York can't really compete financially this summer). What I'd really like to see, and what this report suggests, is that Glen Grunwald and company are looking outside of the NBA population for free agent help. If the Knicks wish to maximize the value of the $lim fund$ at their disposal, it makes sense to plumb the foreign leagues, the D-League, the pool of undrafted players, and the occasional schoolyard (just to make sure none of the kids came across any magical sneakers) for hidden talent.