Shooting Guard Comparisons

Took the time to plug in some numbers for a lot of the rumored options that have been out there for our available shooting guard spot.

Though for our shooting guard spot I think we need something that is essentially the opposite of what Landry Fields was.

The majority of our offensive production is on the inside: Lin attacks the basket, Melo and Stat get the ball on the posts, Tyson stands 2 feet from the basket when he's not setting a pick.

Also, our defensive production with that starting lineup leaves a lot to be desired, Melo and Stat put up dismal defensive ratings last season and those won't get better. With Shumpert out, having a guard in the starting lineup that can be a stopper is going to be necessary to win games.

So given the current mold of our team we need a shooting guard that

1) Is an awesomely efficient shooter

2) Has a good 3pt percentage

3) Has a low usage %, and doesn't hold on to the ball for long (opposite of JR Smith)

4) Is a great defender

5) Is above 6-3 (Lin's height)

Aside from points 3/5, Landry didn't really have any of these.

Let's take a look at some numbers though

Player Comparison with Wins Produced and basic stats

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PlayerTrueName PlayerTeams SimpleOffRtg SimpleDefRtg SimpleOverallRtg
Meeks, Jodie PHI 103.52 97.7147 5.80564
Foye, Randy LAC 106.83 105.478 1.35203
Smith, J.R. NYK 108.644 102.726 5.91813
Mayo, O.J. MEM 103.292 102.834 0.457814
Pietrus, Mickael BOS 99.936 100.128 -0.192349

That's the +/- comparison. Smith/Meeks are pretty much tied overall, Meeks is a better defender by far, JR is better on offense. The other 3 aren't even on the map.

I think Meeks fits the mold perfectly.

Foye is a terrible defender (105 defensive rating, Meeks has a 97)

Mayo would demand too much money, minutes, and frankly for our offense, we can't have a shooting guard who dribbles too much and drives. (it just doesn't work when you have 3 other guys doing the same thing)