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Berman: The Knicks will sign Pablo Prigioni.

The one that isn't Patty Mills. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
The one that isn't Patty Mills. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Update: And now this moves back to the top! Berman has confirmed that Pablo Prigioni will join the Knicks. ¡PABLOCURA!

Good news, friends! According to Marc Berman, Pablo Prigioni has an offer from the Knicks in hand and will likely accept it:

Sport Newspaper Ole journalist just spoke to agents and says Prigioni has offer and plans to accept it.

The finances of the deal aren't clear quite yet. I don't think Prigioni is eligible for the "veteran's minimum", since he'll technically be a rookie (the Knicks have a rookie!!), but I imagine the payout will be somewhere around there. We'll see.

Recall that Pablo Prigioni is a 35 year-old point guard from Argentina (different places list different heights for him, but rest assured that he's point guard-sized). He's had an illustrious career in the Spanish ACB and as a member of the Argentinean national team. You've probably seen him play before in the Olympics, but some (old) DX reports might help you get a grasp of who Prigioni is. He's not considered especially athletic (and now he's 35, so...), but is renowned for his pure point guard skills and can hit an open jump shot if you give him one. He'll be an extra point guard behind Jason Kidd, and perhaps someone who can slide over to the two in a small lineup.

In closing, I will repost this line from Pablo's agent, Claudio Vilanueva:

... si Pablo llega a jugar 20 minutos en la NBA, dará 12 asistencias por partido. Y con los ojos cerrando y caminando para atrás"

Imagine how well he'd do forwards with his eyes open! Welcome to the Knicks, Pablo.

Update: Berman reports that Prigioni is looking for a "little more than the minimum", but again, I'm pretty sure that we're talking about something less than the veteran's minimum when we say "minimum".