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Some Evening Free Agency Things

This man is now officially a Knick. (Credit: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE)
This man is now officially a Knick. (Credit: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE)

Hello, friends. The first day of real live free agency with real contracts and real money and stuff is reaching its close. As far as I know, the Knicks got the following done:

- Sign James White

- Trade for and sign Marcus Camby

- Sign J.R. Smith

- Reach an agreement to sign Pablo Prigioni

- Receive offer sheets for Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields

...which leaves them with the following still to do:

- Sign Jason Kidd (Mike Woodson said this will probably take place tomorrow.)

- Sign Steve Novak

- Get through all the FIBA paperwork and sign Prigioni

- Deal with those Lin and Fields offer sheets by Saturday. (In case there was any doubt: The Knicks will match the offer sheet for Lin. Bonus: In case there was any doubt, he'll be the starting point guard.)

I'm not sure why Novak and Kidd didn't become official today. Perhaps all the paperwork was just too much for one day. Those'll get done, though, and so will Prigioni and Lin in the near future. Probably not Fields, but you never know (and the case has been made repeatedly that the Knicks have nothing to lose but millions of James Dolan's dollars if they want to match that offer).

Two more interesting things:

- The Knicks actually offered Georgios Printezis a contract, but he said no. Whatever, ya Big Fish.

- Jorge Sierra of HoopsHype says that Chris Copeland-- formerly of the University of Colorado, recently of Okapi Aalstar in Belgium, and presently of New York's Summer League team-- has already been signed to join the Knicks in training camp. Oh, and Ian Begley just confirmed, so there ya go. Interesting. He has cool hair (or at least he does in pictures. I have no idea what the guy looks like now).

So, that's where things stand after day one of activity. More to come!