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SummerGrizzlies 93, SummerKnicks 77

So, uh, that's over. Not much to report, really, after just one game. The rotations were so wild in this one that I could barely keep track of who was on the floor. Also, my vision went blurry about twenty minutes ago and I kinda couldn't see during the fourth quarter. I may have just suffered the world's first stroke induced by a Jeremiah Rivers jumper. Anyway, here are some things we saw and heard:

- James White didn't do too much, but looked comfortable. He made a bunch of gorgeous passes on the move, missed a few jumpers and (from what I saw) blew his only dunk while getting fouled. The passing was what really stood out in this one.

- Jeremiah Rivers has a nice handle. Mychel Thompson has a nice outside shot. Chris Smith seems pretty strong and he can jump pretty high, too. He had at least one tough finish around the rim.

- Artsiom Parakhouski isn't the most coordinated person on Earth, but he's very big and he can usually figure out where the rim is.

- Chris Copeland's a weird one. He made some decent drives, but looked kind of out of control and not entirely suited to work from the perimeter.

- Iman Shumpert sat in for a wonderful interview with Clyde and Spero Dedes during the third quarter. He's a "chicken and spaghetti, broccoli and cheese" guy. Shump wants Clyde to do a skit on his mixtape. I also want this.

- Shump said that Mike Woodson's initial plan was to stop calling him "Rook" at the beginning of next season, but Carmelo Anthony apparently stepped in and insisted that Iman's given name can't be used until after he's played 82 games.

- Clyde: "You can't make the club in the tub".

That's pretty much all right now. It sounds like the Rockets finally got Jeremy Lin's offer sheet into the hands of a Knick official despite the Knicks' best efforts, so New York should have three days to match (if that is true). They have about six hours left to make a decision on Toronto's offer to Landry Fields.

Cool. I hope that was all somewhat readable. I cannot see right now. This is really weird. Feel free to contribute your own observations in the comments. More about the offer sheets later!

Update: The Lin offer sheet delivery hasn't been confirmed. This remains bizarre.

Update: In fact, the opposite has been confirmed. Glen Grunwald remains on the lam. RUN, GLEN.