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The Knicks are avoiding Jeremy Lin's offer sheet like the plague. (Updated 10:25 PM)

"YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME, MOREY."  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
"YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME, MOREY." (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Update: 10:25 PM:

David Aldrige:

Have read the Tweets on the Knicks, Lin, Felton. What I know is as of 10 p.m, NY has NOT informed Lin they're not matching, per source.

But Rockets' chances of getting Lin certainly look better than they did yesterday. They think there's a chance Knicks won't match.

Update: 10:05 PM: Jonathan Feigen:

Knicks have absolutely not given Felton assurances that Lin would not be there and he doesn't need them, source said.

Maybe some hope? I have no idea. I'm dying, guys.

Update: 9:28 PM: Spears again:

Jeremy Lin appears close to being a Houston Rocket with Raymond Felton to NY deal close to being done, sources tell Y!

Holy shit.

Update: 9:20 PM. Marc J. Spears:

Knicks close to obtaining point guard Raymond Felton in sign and trade with Blazers, source tells Y! Sports.

Update: 9:15 PM: Alan Hahn:

What is true is Felton has always been on the radar as a Plan B for both Nash/Kidd but also Lin. Still don’t see Knicks letting Lin go.

Update: 9:12 pm: UM, WHAT. Alex Kennedy:

The Knicks are considering signing UFA Raymond Felton and letting RFA Jeremy Lin walk to the Rockets, a source close to situation confirms.

No deal yet between Raymond Felton and the New York Knicks. Just something that's being considered, according to source.

Frank Isola:

If Knicks pass on Lin they could do a sign and trade with Portland for Raymond Felton

First of all: The Knicks are going to match Jeremy Lin's offer sheet once they have it. They'll probably take the full three days to do it, but they'll do it. Don't worry.

That said, the Knicks are up to some bizarre behavior right now. I mentioned this a bit in the last post, but it needs to be documented separately. This is best understood by just scrolling back through Jonathan Feigen's Twitter feed, but I'll explain: Jeremy Lin has signed an offer sheet with the Rockets. That part is done. Once that offer sheet is delivered to the Knicks, New York will have three days to match. However, even though the offer was confirmed to have been signed yesterday afternoon, New York has yet to receive the document. How is this possible? Initially, I though it was slowness in the part of the Rockets, but from the sound of things, Glen Grunwald and company are purposefully avoiding Houston's frustrated couriers.

Why? I have no idea. Some of y'all have suggested it's somehow tied to the response to Landry Fields's offer sheet, which the Knicks must handle by midnight tonight. I'm not sure how one affects the other, but perhaps. I've heard other people say that it's just the Knicks trying to be as obnoxious as possible (and delay Houston's grand roster plans) after the Rockets upped their offer from the originally reported total. Possible. Perhaps it's just that there are some rules about how these offers must be handled that are interfering with the delivery. I have no idea.

What I do know is that Glen Grunwald-- incognito, armed to the teeth, and buttered from head to toe (for evasiveness)-- is currently on the lam from Rockets couriers in Las Vegas. To start that three-day clock running, those bastards will have to find Grun, catch Grun, and disarm Grun. Good luck with that.