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Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. SummerNuggets- 7/17/12

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G'afternoon, friends! If you'd like to keep discussing the impending Jeremy Lin decision, please do so in this thread. If you're here to watch and comment along with New York's third Las Vegas Summer League game against the Denver Nuggets' squad, you're in the right place. Step away from the stress for a couple hours and let us revel in the majesty of James White, Chris Copeland, and the rest of New York's zany SummerBros. Tip-off is at 4 PM Eastern, and the game will be televised on both MSG and NBA TV.

Incidentally, I fly out to Vegas to join the SummerKnicks tomorrow morning, so I'll have updates LIVE FROM THE THOMAS AND MACK CENTER [SIREN NOISES] for the next two games, plus what other nonsense I turn up over there in Vegas.

For now, relax and let's enjoy each other's company while watching the poor, ill-equipped Knicks squad more than likely get spanked again. And please try to keep stuff that's not pertinent to the game (though Clyde, Spero, and Hahn will likely spend a lot of time talking about Lin stuff) in the other thread.